MUST WATCH: Liz Cheney Just Got Cancelled By A Senior Reporter

Patrick Howley from National File addressed a blistering, glorious speech, denouncing America’s globalist political elites.

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The speech was given at the Faith and Freedom conference, which was organized by Matt Couch and took place in the Dallas, Texas area.

This guy, this glorious senior reporter was totally unbiased and has given much crucial information, such as exposing the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal, Ralph Northam’s racist yearbook photo, Democrat candidate Cal Cunningham’s adulterous affair, and Joe Biden’s daughter Ashli Biden’s diary.

Howley vowed to be uncompromising when it comes to exposing the Republican Establishment. He has personally stated that

“Liz Cheney…she’s not going to be one of our leaders anymore. And I’ll tell you another thing: Kevin McCarthy ‘aint going to be one of our leaders anymore either. We are going to win more seats in the 2022 midterm than any insurgent populist movement has ever won in the history of this country. We’re going to pick our own Speaker, and then Donald Trump’s going to win a third term!”

Watch the legendary speech here:

I just love simple guys who seem totally harmless but are so full of knowledge and brilliant information, that would change the way you look at them in just one minute!


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