MUST WATCH: How Is This Whistleblower Still Alive, After Risking It All To Expose Biden, Pelosi and A Bunch More

I admire the people who fight for the truth. In my eyes, they’re far more worthy than the American soldiers we praise as heroes. Sine, they fight a lonely fight, that benefits good for all of us, that still live in the dark…

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Here’s the original report, word to word.

“If you are SALIVATING for TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY & EXPOSURE, then you’re watching the RIGHT video! The Deep State Cabal FEAR this man & the information he has just BLARED OUT for all to hear! The ELITE NAMES that are DROPPED and the TRUTH that is REVEALED in this JUST RELEASED WHISTLEBLOWER MOAB will leave any sane Patriot wondering “HOW IS THIS MAN STILL ALIVE?!” How has he NOT been 187‘d (murdered)…?! The sheer amount of UNBELIEVABLE & STOMACH-TURNING TRUTH that is EXPOSED by Dr. John McGreevey in this EPIC WHISTLEBLOWER BEAN-SPILLING will have your head reeling! What we should be doing is praying for this Patriot’s safety! Just to name a few ULTRA-SALACIOUS DETAILS, he sets out to expose the RIGGED 2020 ELECTION as a ‘VOTES FOR SALE’ SCAM, he EXPOSES the Dirty Traitors, Pence & Justice Roberts, for the PEDO FREAKS they are AND NAMES NAMES as to who can PROVE IT! BOOM! Then he TORCHES NASTY PIGLOSI (after explaining how she is not the Legit House Speaker) as the RINGLEADER of the Jan.6th Coup at the Capitol Building, along with her Complicit Cohort, Maj. Genl. William Walker! Dr. McGreevey even goes so far as to DROPS A TOTALLY UNEXPECTED MOAB ABOUT ASHLI BABBITT’S KILLER!

And as if THAT weren’t enough, he then BLASTS the BRAINLESS BIDEN, calling him what we ALL know he is: a FAKE PRESIDENT, INSTALLED & NOT ELECTED! And the TRUTH BOMBS are JUST beginning from there! Also exposed is more TRUTH behind the COVID LIE GENOCIDE AGENDA and the END GAME of the KILLER JAB! NO, you have NOT heard it all – UNTIL NOW – because Fauci & Gates are also on this Whistleblower’s HIT LIST of TRUTH! If you are really CRAVING an EAR FULL of some of the JUICIEST NEW TRUTHS which seem to be eluding most BRAINWASHED Americans, then you will NOT want to miss this IN YOUR FACE BOMBSHELL of an interview, with none other than the CONSERVATIVE BEAST! This video will prove to be an UNBELIEVABLY SALACIOUS, INFORMATIVE WILD RIDE and an EPIC Take-Down of Satan’s Army! AND DON’T MISS THE EPIC VIDEOS THAT FOLLOW BELOW THIS ONE!”


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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