MUST WATCH: “F*** Joe Biden” Chants Drown Out MLB Postgame Show!

The American League Championship Series postgame show was overflown with anti-Biden chants, using extreme language!

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The Fenway Park in the liberal city of Boston, Massachusetts was crowded with people chanting words against Biden’s mandates and policies, right before the MLB postgame show.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” chants are a growing trend at public events and sporting events in recent weeks as President Joe Biden’s presidency continues to collapse.

“At one point during the broadcast, the at-home audience was able to hear four consecutive profane anti-Biden chants without disruption from the mute button,” the outlet reported.

“While Red Sox fans joined the accrescent “f*ck Joe Biden” chants at sporting events, they depicted much more support for the current president one year ago,” Mediaite continued. “Biden dominated Trump in Beantown, garnering 65 percent of the votes in Massachusetts and 80 percent in Suffolk County, where Boston sits.”

See for yourself:

“Fans chanting “F–k Joe Biden” at stadiums from Tennessee to Alabama to Oxford, Mississippi is quickly becoming the battle cry for football fans across the country as the citizens of this country continue to show disobedience to the great [Emperor] and his presidency,” the Outkick reported.

“The big news this week with the “F–k Joe Biden” chant movement is that it has spread from college football and into the baseball community, where New Yorkers chanted “F–k Joe Biden” during Fox Sports’ weekend coverage of the Subway Series. Fans could be heard sending a message to Biden as ARod and Big Papi dissected the Yankees-Mets game.

Meanwhile, in the south where “F–k Joe Biden” began, it was another rowdy weekend of fans voicing their displeasure with Creepy. How will he fire back at the fans? Last week, he went after their employers with his vaccine plans. Now you can hear the drumbeat for a vaccine mandate on airlines.

There’s no stopping sports fans now. The cat is out of the bag. They have the chant of the year, and this one is a freight train coming down the tracks. Student sections across this country have their official content rallying cry, and poor Joe Biden is on the wrong end of this one.”

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