MUST WATCH: Bully Whoopi Goldberg Offended By Her Own Medicine By Barbara Corcoran

Notorious Whoopi Goldberg was devoured by the jas of Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.

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Barabra appeared on ABC’s “The News”, and she obviously had a lot to say against liberal-promoting Whoopi Goldberg. And, we can all just guess the reason and intention behind Barbara’s words, but bully Whoopie was obviously caught unexpected and was pretty offended by her words.

This is what happened.

Whoppi and the group, including The View and Shark Tank hosts, were discussing these great “jeans,” and Whoopi asked if the jeans would fit her big “COVID ass,” whatever that means. And she was on repeat – blaming the COVID situation for her gain weight. And it was continuous – and no longer funny. \it was like – “look at me”!

So she was basically asking for it, when Barabra chimed in on the “fun,” and asked Whoopi to give her the jeans when she was done, so she could turn them into “two pairs,” referring to Whoopi’s obese size.

Her reaction is really too much, since she was the one starting this joke. So, when someone else hops in and jokes along with her – she’s offended?

What type of a comedian is she, after all?


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