MUST WATCH: Brave Young Woman Explained Carlson Why She De-Transitioned And Takes A Stand Against The Radical Transgender Agenda!

It is one thing for an adult to identify as someone they aren’t, but it’s another thing when others are forced to acknowledge it and deny reality. But that’s what the establishment asks! The left and trans activists have drawn a line in the sand where there is no middle ground.

They say that gender is a social construct interchangeable according to the whim of the individual. In case you disagree with this, you are a transphobic bigot.

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Radical gender ideology became a sweeping social contagion, with many youngsters identifying with gender dysphoria skyrocketing over the past ten years. This allowed the US educational system to commit to making transgender ideology a central part of the curriculum for children as young as 5.

But, this has misled many children to believe they want to be the opposite sex than the one they were born as.

Later, they regret the gender transition, which resulted in permanent physical changes.

Hormone blockers and gender reassignment surgery will decrease the suicide risk for trans individuals. Their suicide rate is the same before and after the procedures.

A study from 2018 conducted by HRC showed that transgender youngsters have a high suicide rate before and after the transition (42%), which is higher than any other cohort.

The woman who joined Tucker Carlson this week emphasized precisely that.

Helena Kerschner, 23, said that she went through puberty and had some problems with her body. She was ‘’completely exploited’’ by those who convinced her she wasn’t happy because she was of the opposite sex. She wants to protect other children from this experience, so she shared her story!

Kerschner reported:

“As you said [Tucker] it’s completely normal for not only young girls but often young boys too to feel uncomfortable with themselves – uncomfortable with their body, but we have this ideology that is especially prevalent online that says that if you have those feelings that means you are trans.

There are people who say if you don’t even like your voice on a recording that’s a sign of gender dysphoria and you need to go see a medical professional because you’re trans.”

We can conclude that the regular developmental behaviors are signs of gender dysphoria. According to PsychCentral, toddlers who play with toys produced for the opposite sex, a four-year-old stating he wants to wear a dress, and a “preference to play another gender in make-believe games” are abnormal behaviors.

“Talk about taking advantage of people,” Tucker responded. Kerschner made the decision too early! She also emphasized that when experts say a double mastectomy can be reversed with breast implants, ‘’you can take them back.’’

Keerschner added:

“I feel honestly grateful for the experience because it’s taught me a lot about the world and about myself. But I really feel afraid for these other young girls like myself. I consider myself lucky that I was able to get out of it unscathed really medically, but there are so many young people who can’t say the same.

Psychologically as well. I mean, it’s just devastating to, especially from a young age, to be lied to by adults at school and by medical professionals and told that your body is wrong, you need to change it, you need to get hormones, you need to get surgeries, that’s devastating for a young person. So I’m just really concerned for younger girls and boys like I once was being led down this path and being hurt by it.

I mean, when you go on a cross-sex hormone, like that’s going to give you not just physical changes, but psychological experiences that you can’t just act like they never happened, you can’t just take it back. And especially with surgeries, you know, a breast implant after a mastectomy is not the same thing as never having your breasts taken off in the first place.

So there are a lot of young women who are going through that, who had a double mastectomy at 16, 17, 18 years old or even younger. There’s nothing you can really do to put that feeling of oneness and safety in your body back.”


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