MUST WATCH: Australian News Outlet Mocks Biden Once Again!

This time, the mockings are not pointed directly to Joe Biden…

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They’re pointed out to Biden’s lapdog journalists at CNN and their pity and pathetic “news” coverage.


Foreign media outlets commenting and mocking the work of our prestigious media outlet, which is famous worldwide!

That is what the Australian news channel – Sky News did in its coverage of President Biden’s first foreign trip as president to the G-7, NATO summit and meetings with leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin.


“I want to go to the U.S. now,” the Sky News commentator Chris Kenny began, “Because the media has been gushing as their beloved Joe Biden for his trip to the United Kingdom to the G-7 summit. Listen to how CNN is reporting this ‘momentous’ event.’ [Shows clip.]

“They’re essentially calling it the G-6 when Trump’s there,” Kenny noted, “But Joe Biden’s there and it’s ‘momentous,’ and it’s positive, and it’s glowing. And they try to give the illusion he doesn’t have any disputes with these international leaders.”

“I just think Joe Biden is a lucky person,” Kenny’s guest Sophie Elsworth remarked. “He has all the media on his side. Or most of the media on his side. Particularly, CNN. Completely at odds with what they did to Trump. So, you know, his popularity surely can only win from this. Because he’s getting so much positive PR through the journalists who are massive fans of him. It’s really quite appalling to watch. And what happened to straight news reporting, which doesn’t seem to exist there?”

“Nick, it’s not really journalism, is it?” Kenny continued. “They are really stenographers in a way, aren’t they? They are documenting history, but they aren’t being critical. With Trump, ultra-critical. Inflammatory in some instances.”

“Always, always, Trump could do no right,” Nick Cater added. “And give Biden his due, he did get to the top of the Air Force One steps without tripping over his shoes.”

The story was called “CNN’s political bias and double standards”.

Such a disgrace…


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