MUST-SEE: Mike Lindell’s Interview With Alex Jones!!!

Info Wars host Alex Jones interviewed MyPillow’s CEO, Mike Lindell.

Lindell started the conversation by speaking about his last appearance at a Washington Court, defending against Dominion’s billion-dollar lawsuit.

He shared that there were numerous press mics when he left the court, but they weren’t there when he spoke about his case. Maybe it was so because the mainstream media don’t want to share what he has to say about the Cyber-symposium in August.

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Jones said ‘being sued doesn’t mean you’re a bad guy, but that the Globalists don’t like his ideas, so they are trying to silence him.

Mike backtracked and started speaking about the quarrel between him and Dominion and its importance. According to Lindell, the Judge must decide if Americans will be criminalized for free speech or not.

Below you can watch the video of Mike talking about his Cyber-symposium.

Later, MyPillow’s CEO spoke about the packet captures of 2020, and he said it was over. It is a network term for intercepting data crossing a specific point in the data network. Mike said that he holds 100% non-subjunctive evidence.

Every single piece of evidence will be released in his Cyber-symposium, scheduled in the first week in August.

According to numerous reports, it would be a huge event that Lindell has planned, exposing the 2020 election fraud.

He said that all the white hat hackers that investigated the election results would be invited and the cyber experts.

Moreover, Jones talked about how Dems are panicked because of the AZ audit results that are expected to be released.

Alex Jones got banned on almost every social media platform; that’s why the interview is still not attached on Rumble. But you can watch his interview here.


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