MUST-READ EXCLUSIVE: ASU Students Protest Rittenhouse Holding DEATH 2 USA Signs! Patriots Chant, LET’S GO BRANDON! [WATCH]

This Wednesday, the AZ State University woke college students raised their voices against Rittenhouse’s presence at the ASU after sharing their list of demands to the University. We have previously reported that the students even planned the rally and shared their list of demands.

This is the list of demands.

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Rittenhouse wants to attend the college only virtually because the organizers called students and faculty to attend the rally to “protect students from a violent, blood-thirsty murderer.”

The students say that Rittenhouse isn’t welcome at ASU. Many called him a racist killer, and at the rally, they held signs saying Death 2 America!

Kyle withdrew his enrollment this Monday; the terrorists demand Kyle not to enroll again!

Mastaani Qureshi, an undergraduate student, participated in the viral discrimination incident on the Campus when they verbally attacked white students for peacefully studying in the multicultural center.

Qureshi said that ASU isn’t a dominantly white university and noted that Rittenhouse ‘’the killer’’ can’t get back there.

The next child said to the counterprotesters to be quiet so that he could share another vulgar speech.


Fox News had to cut him off because he said “f*ck” too much.

“These f*ckers cant tolerate this sh*t because we’re somehow infringing with their freedom,” said the anti-freedom protester.

“Even your favorite guy Brandon is your f*cking enemy!” said the speaker.

He then declared, “It’s because of f*cking capitalism because capitalism is rooted in white supremacy.”
Is this what these children are taught at the University?

The groups were marching, and the anti-Trump protesters realized that their mob wasn’t as powerful as they thought.

The protesters arrived before the building singing ‘’No justice, no peace,’’ and the police were there too.

One leftist student tried to confront by stealing a Kari Lake flag, and the crowd started to chant Kari Lake, Kari Lake!

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Watch this video:

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