Multiple Pictures of French President Macron Harshly “Scolding” President Biden

Joe Biden is a frail, confused, and stammering old guy, as we all know.

And if you didn’t already know that, the nightmare G7 Summit provided ample confirmation.

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By aimlessly strolling through random cafés, confusing Syria with Libya three times, suffering 10-second brain freezes on national television, stammering and shuffling, and appearing to be the world’s biggest Alzheimer’s patient, Biden disgraced himself and his country on the international stage.

Overall, it was a calamity of monumental proportions.

It was so awful that world leaders uneasily laughed at Biden when he became confused about presenting South African President Zuma.

Even so, our fake news/government propaganda media continues to hail this dreadful trip as a “success” and portray Biden as a strong, “cool” leader who has brought America pride.

It’s terribly humiliating.

As a result, when photographs of French President Emmanuel Macron appearing to “harshly rebuke” Joe Biden, replete with angry, taught face and finger-pointing, went viral like a Christmas tree, the internet lighted up like a Christmas tree.

The photographs were released on Twitter by OANN reporter Jack Posobiec. Take a look at this:

Here are some of the responses from the internet:

“Imagine being intimidated and scolded by a soy boy.”

“Chocolate Chip Chips Are The Worst Of All Ice Cream Flavors” 

“Picture of Trump like this and it would be on a 24/7 news cycle.”

“I remember a day when no foreign leader would dare put their finger in the face of a sitting American president. So sad what we’ve become…”

“Weaker nations are flaunting the fact that we have no leadership, only a puppet with strings.”

“Isn’t that senior abuse! C’mon man!”

“This looks like a Med Tech trying to tell a patient that if they don’t take their Meds, they can’t go to Bingo later.”

“Does he know about CornPop?”

“America is back lol” 

“Biden don’t even know who he is.”

“Macron is all of us…we’ve all had it”

“This is all of us when your 3 yr old isn’t listening”

“Remember when he waved his finger in Trumps face? Me either. Are the French gonna invade us now?”

“The jokes on macron, Biden isn’t even awake”

What’s really disturbing, folks, is that while this kind of apparent disrespect is going on, our fake news media is assuring Americans that “adults are in charge” and America is on its way back.

You’re currently living in the thick of history’s biggest political psyop.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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