MTG Just Revealed Devastating Reason First 3 Months in DC Were Awful

Do we really really know what’s going on in someone’s life?

It’s incredible how true fighters can put their personal issues aside and continue to fight the good fight.

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That was the case for Marjorie Taylor Greene, who only found out today that her father had passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Marjorie reveals that she’s been struggling with her father’s illness since she started her job in the DC swamp, and that through her struggles, she fought for us with all her strength.

We’re extremely fortunate to have her.

In a recent Twitter message, she said the following:

My father died last night after a long struggle with Melanoma over the past three months. The majority of people are unaware of how tough my first three months in Congress have been.

As I was struggling against the left’s war on our liberties in Congress, my soul was ripped apart as I watched my Daddy suffer and slowly die of cancer.

We don’t always win battles, but my incredible father did win the war, and he taught me how to stand up to the most formidable foe. My father was the forgotten American hero for whom President Trump fought so hard.

My father grew up poor, but with a strong faith in God and a vision of the American Dream. While attempting to attend school, he worked a variety of jobs, from delivering newspapers on his bike to factory work, construction work, and all in between.

He was drafted into the Navy at the age of 20 to fight in the Vietnam War. He, like many others, lost friends there. When he returned to college after his service, he met a girl, married my mother, and had a daughter named Marjorie.

He was unable to complete his education, but he proudly went to work to support his family. He worked hard with just a truck and a ladder to build a thriving construction company that put a roof over our heads, fed and clothed us, and provided for our families’ every need.

My father had the most powerful hands I’d ever seen. They carried me as a kid, swung me, tossed me in the air, and raised me onto his shoulders. They taught me how to tie my shoes, ride a bike, throw, catch, and strike a pitch, and catch and release fish.

They taught me to drive a car, sail a sailboat, and operate a boat. I stood there watching his hands create incredible things with his tools.

I observed his hands as they wrote, calculated, and meticulously bid projects on the numerous blueprints. They were the ones who typed, wrote, and published books. They invented things that were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

They looked after my mother and hugged her close to their hearts. But the most important thing my father’s hands ever taught me was how to pray. When I was a kid, my father’s big strong hands brought my tiny hands together and introduced me to God.

Last night, the Mighty Hands that shaped and made my father’s hands, as well as the wonderful man that he is, raised him up and carried him to heaven. We are overjoyed today that his suffering has subsided and he has been set free!

Thank you to everyone who has backed me up. I’ll be back soon. And this time, I’ll go all in because my heart hasn’t been broken since my Daddy’s release.

What a lovely way to honor her father. I just wish we had learned so that we could have helped her.


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