MTG Exposes a GOP Plot Involving Stacey Abrams And a Lot of Power in Georgia…

Marjorie Taylor Greene has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the United States, especially in her home state of Georgia.

She just pointed out an irony within the Georgia Republican Party that explains why the party is unexpectedly losing ground in the state.

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According to Greene, the election integrity debates led to Georgia Republicans electing a lenient chairman who has done little to no investigation into the allegations of fraud.

Which, according to Greene, is why the GOP is struggling in Georgia and giving Stacey Abrams so much influence.

On April 17, the Fulton County GOP held a chairman election.

In 9 red solo cups, the election integrity group received votes. The result was that the incumbent chair, Trey Kelly, received more votes than the electorate.

However, new members had joined the community.

Outraged citizens requested a re-vote…

…For the second vote, each delegate stood in a single file line and cast their vote into a single glass cup.

Susan Opraseuth, the current leader, defeated the outgoing chairman 172-148.


Very well said!

If there’s one thing Marjorie knows how to do, it’s rip these slacker Republicans to shreds.

And right now, her doing so is extremely important.

Particularly because Liz Cheney was recently removed from her leadership position.

The only reason the Democrats got away with it is because of these GOP establishment stooges…

And that’s just what’s going on in Georgi right now…



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