MSNBC Panicking After Tucker Carlson Sounded The Alarm About The Capitol Riots!

Accuse the opposite side of your own mistakes – that’s the only tactic the Left has.

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It is so simple, can it even be called politics?

They tried bringing all the media on their side – but you can never have it all, right?

A perfect example is MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, the host of the network’s “All In With Chris Hayes”. He’s been put to be “the warm-up” for the main conspiracy star, Rachel Maddow, and on Wednesday, he went all-in on with the lies.

According to Hayes; “The point of propaganda is to shape reality. It exists so that what is actually happening in the world can be ignored or overwritten so that when you see what you see before your eyes can be waved away like an apparition.”

Hayes continued, “What we are seeing in the country is a sustained effort of concerted propaganda to destroy the civic terrain necessary to hold up democracy. Here is what that looks like. In the wake of the January insurrection when we all watched a mob violently overtake the Capitol erecting a gallows, shouting hang Mike Pence and assaulting police officers left and right with the express purpose of overturning an election, doing so based on a false belief pumped into their heads by propagandists, the election was stolen.”

Hayes continued his attack on Fox News which is kicking MSNBC’s ass in the ratings; “For months now, they have been pumping people full of this story – this propaganda that the January 6 rioters were brave patriots tread upon by the state, punished for dissent. Not for a violent assault on the Capitol to overturn an election.” Hayes said; “And this narrative has now ended up in the final resting place of all conspiracy theories: the false flag theory. Last night Fox News host Tucker Carlson was selling his audience in his, you know, ‘just asking questions’ way that the entire thing – the storming of the Capitol by a mob of rioters – was a false flag set up by the FBI.”

Watch his monologue here:

Just to remind you what Tucker Carlson segment we are talking about.

And obviously, Hayes got really scared because he needs to explain so much!


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