MSNBC Must Watch VIDEO: “I’m a Fauci Groupie, I’m a Thrice-Vaccinated Mask Adherent – I Buy KN95 Masks by the Caseload”

The triple-vaxxed, *privileged* left-wing MSNBC anchor boasted she buys KN95 masks by the caseload.

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Beware MENTAL ILLNESS! Despite being “thrice-vaccinated” and admitting to being a “Fauci groupie,” Wallace expressed she is still afraid of getting Covid!

Crazy, right? A total CRINGE alert.

“I have used all those tools. I am triple vaxxed. I wear a mask everywhere except when I sit down, and I put it on before I get up, and I am going to get it. How do you not get Omicron?” Wallace asked a professor of epidemiology Dr Anne Rimoin.

“That’s very fatalistic. I know how you feel. I understand. I think what we want to do is really want to avoid getting it right now because if we can stop the amount of transmission, we are going to be able to protect our health system. The masks make a very big difference. I would wear a very high-quality KN95 mask,” Rimoin said.

“I mean, I am a Fauci groupie, a thrice vaccinated, mask adherent. I buy kn95 masks by the caseload. They’re in every pocket. I wear them everywhere except when I sit down and I am certain this is not a variant I can outrun,” Wallace said.

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