MSNBC Host Fights Senator Tim Scott on Racial Charges

If there’s one thing the Democratic Party despises, it’s black Americans who refuse to support the party’s policies.

They advocate inclusion and diversity on television, but when it comes to demonstrating that they are inclusive of other points of view, they regularly struggle.

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Progressive MSNBC host Tiffany Scott, a black woman, chastised Republican Sen. Tim Scott for his rebuttal to Joe Biden’s congressional address on Saturday.

In her tirade against the Senate’s only black Republican, she referred to him as a “token” and a “clown.”

“Can anyone name a political, social, or economic organization in America where widespread inequality and prejudice do not exist?” she asked, playing a clip from Michael Harriot. Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Harriot was unlikely to consider anything other than the assertion that the United States is inherently racist, and he was unlikely to receive any pushback from Cross.

“What a fantastic question from Michael Harriot of The Root. And I actually have an answer: Republican Senator Tim Scott’s empty institution. There was no bigotry there. She said, “And obviously no sense either.”

“This week, the Senate’s only Black Republican sounded like a stone fool when he said, ‘Hear me clearly, America is not a racist country.’

“All right, let’s be straight. Tim Scott represents no one but a small group of sleepy, slow-witted Stockholm Syndrome sufferers who are elevated to fame for repeating a false narrative about the country that makes conservative white people feel at ease.

“Because when people like Nikole Hannah Jones speak out about controversial facts, the group that Scott says isn’t racist becomes enraged and attempts to censor you. Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate, recently asked Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to stop teaching the 1619 Project in schools because it would “reorient the perception of American history,” according to the host.

“Fortunately for McConnell, he has his own tap dancer to try to reorient America’s view of him.

“The senator’s speech was riddled with inconsistencies, and it was obvious that not even Scott believed what he was saying. I might go into great detail refuting each of his ridiculous claims, but he already did that.

She said, “And a lesson I’ve learned: Don’t disagree with people Harriet Tubman would have left behind.”

“Sure, Tim Scott has spoken out about his experiences with law enforcement, and he co-sponsored the Senate’s anti-lynching bill, but every token has two sides.

“Desperate for white support, this dude took to the national stage to defend Georgia’s voter suppression rule, despite the fact that 361 measures had been introduced in 47 states to keep people who look like him from voting as of last month.

“To be able to taunt the ancestors while appeasing the oppressors in the same speech is extraordinary. But it’s nothing compared to the domestic violent extremism that the Department of Homeland Security is looking at within its own ranks. But, senator, when you’re trotting out the old line about going from cotton to Congress to clown, say something about how unracist the nation is,” Cross said.


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