Mom Filing a Lawsuit After Her 16-Year-Old Son Got a COVID Shot without Her Consent

The mother, knowing her citizen’s rights, immediately hired a lawyer, who took the stance that this kind of behavior was ‘egregious and reckless’ and amounts to ‘battery upon the minor child.’

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Since when have schools become non-safe facilities for our own children, our own youth, and future?

Critical Race Theory, COVID shots being forced, the existence of “genderless people” being the new normal… Up to this point will this madness continue to exist?

Up to the point someone stands and says “NO”!

Just like this enraged mother did after finding out the horror that her 16-year-old teenager went through at his own school.

According to the report published by the local WWLTV,

“on October 20 an Oschner Health mobile vaccination clinic was rolled out to offer COVID-19 shots to students at East Jefferson High School in Jefferson Parish near New Orleans. The clinic employees administered the jabs to the teenagers after requiring them to present a signed parental consent form authorizing the injections.”

In at least one instance, however, the clinic appears to have failed to obtain proper parental permission before administering a jab.

“The mother of a 16-year-old boy is now readying a lawsuit with the help of Lafayette-based attorney G. Shelly Maturin, arguing that her son was given the shot without her permission after signing the parental consent form himself.

The Louisiana Department of Health requires that anyone under the age of 18 must first obtain parental consent before receiving a COVID-19 injection.”

In a statement announcing an intent to sue, the family’s attorney said, “The egregious and reckless actions of Ochsner and East Jefferson High School went well beyond any legal or moral bounds and at a minimum, constitute a battery upon the minor child.”

“Their actions should shock the conscience of all citizens of Louisiana, and every legal avenue will be pursued to make sure that justice is served,” Maturin continued, adding, “Hopefully, this type of lawless behavior will stop immediately, and no other parents or children will have to go through this nightmare.”

The lawsuit will name Ochsner Health, the Jefferson Parish School Board, and East Jefferson High School as defendants, and will be filed in Jefferson Parish.

“In a written statement, Ochsner Health chief medical officer Dr. Robert Hart admitted that the teenager had been vaccinated without parental approval, and said his organization will beef up its procedures to prevent future policy violations,” Fox News reported.

“While we firmly believe in vaccinating adolescents to keep them safe from COVID-19, this should be done only with parental consent,” Dr. Hart said. “Our team has been notified that a student was vaccinated without proper parental consent at a school vaccination event on Oct. 20. We have procedures in place to ensure that all policies are followed; however, in this instance, this did not occur. We have taken immediate action to review our on-site vaccination policies and to ensure that these policies will be strictly enforced moving forward.”

“We are in communication with the parent who brought this to our attention. We offer our sincere regret and apology for any distress this has caused,” Hart continued with his statement. “We value the trust that parents put in us to care for their children.”

What would you do if this happened to your own family?


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