Moderna and Pfizer Were Eliminated From the Clinical Trial Control Group for Efficacy and Safety Testing

This isn’t just a case of scientific insanity; it looks to be highly deliberate and purposeful.

As is common, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine trials included a control group, which received a placebo instead of the test vaccine. The vaccine firms running the trial, however, decided to breach protocol and notify the control group that they were not inoculated throughout the trial – and after the untested vaccines were given emergency use authorisation. The vaccination was then administered to almost everyone in the control group.

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Dissolving the placebo group on deliberately goes against the scientific goal of determining whether the vaccination has any efficacy, genuine benefit, and/or safety concerns. There is nothing to compare the vaccinated group against without a control group.

The Conservative Treehouse cited, of all places, an article from NPR.

“Every participant was summoned back once the Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccination, according to Dr. Carlos Fierro, who heads the trial there.

“During that visit, we talked about the options, which included staying in the research without the vaccine,” he recalls, “and interestingly, a handful of people chose that.”

He believes that speculations concerning the vaccine frightened those people. Everyone else who received the placebo shot, on the other hand, received the real vaccine. As a result, Fierro’s study now has basically no comparison group. “From a scientific sense, it’s a loss,” he says, “but given the circumstances, I believe it’s the correct thing to do.”
People who volunteered for these tests were not guaranteed preferential treatment, but once the vaccinations were approved by the FDA, the developers chose to make the doses available. (Continue reading)

What is the real story behind these vaccines? What exactly are they trying to hide? This appears to be illegal.

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