Mitt Romney Has Been Warned by Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, like the rest of America, is sick of Mitt Romney’s treason.

But it was Mitt’s most recent stunt that enraged Bannon, who has now sent Mitt a serious warning.

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Mitt Romney gushed about Joe Biden to CNN’s Jake Tapper, of all places.

He’s such a scumbag.

And, I’m sure you already know this, but it bears repeating: Mitt Romney is a politician. Romney isn’t interested in serving or representing the Utah voters who elected him.
It’s about him continuing to jab and stab at President Trump’s backside — that’s how small, petty, and insecure a man Mitt Romney is.

Bannon has had enough, and he has issued a warning to Mitt: “We’re coming after you harder…”

Here’s what Bannon had to say:

“Romney’s father,” Bannon, dodged the draft. Romney evaded the draft to Vietnam by giving a pro-Vietnam protest at Stanford before posing as a Mormon missionary and fleeing to France to avoid the military… All five boys have the appearance of Hollywood stars. None of them have ever served in the military. There isn’t one. OK? This is what the ruling class does. They make a lot of noise. Patriots are mocked by them. No. This is a democratic struggle. Any one of the patriots on the Arizona deck plates has 1,000 times more patriotism, grit, and loyalty to this nation than the hundreds of thousands of patriot grades we have around the world defending liberty for the common man.

For him to sit on CNN and insult and ridicule Rudy Giuliani is inexcusable. Rudy Giuliani, sir, has more patriotism in his finger than you have in your entire family tree. OK? Romney irritates me in particular because he is such a vile hypocrite. He sits there mocking Rudy and playing right into the hands of the corporate media. It’s all made up. It’s a complete fabrication. No way, mister! Once again, President Trump endorsed him because he was persuaded to do so by the morons in his immediate vicinity. In Utah, we may have faced a significant challenge. Romney’s presence in the Senate is unnecessary. Romney’s presence in the Senate is unnecessary.”



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