Mitch McConnell Won’t Respond To Trump’s Attack, But He Laughed

A source declared that Mitch McConnell will never say the name of the former president again!

On Tuesday, Donald Trump harshly attacked the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. He labeled him as an unsmiling political hack, and he appealed to the Republican supporters no to follow his decisions.

The latest report says that the initial reaction of McConnell to this attack was laughter.

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Do you want to know the details?

Manu Raju, the CNN chief congressional correspondent on Wednesday said that the Senate Minority Leader was untangled by the words in the statement. He didn’t even want to know who the author was.

Manu Raju declared that ‘the failure of leader’ will never utter the name of the former president, ever again. He decided to move further.

Previously, McConnell had numerous public criticisms of the former president following the Senate’s second acquittal of Trump during one year. Even though the Republican gave his vote against the conviction on constitutional grounds, he made it clear that Trump took part in the organization of the Capitol riot. The reason why he said this clear is because the people who did the riot on January 6, were his sympathizers.

McConnell stated Trump is morally and practically responsible for the event at the Capitol.


He contributed to the result of 57-43 votes for finding Trump guilty of inciting and insurrection. 67 votes were necessary to convict Trump’s guilt.

Again, McConnell repeated his statement in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, Trump is morally responsible for the disaster at Capitol.

As an answer to these statements, Trump said that the Republican Party cannot have the same power anymore, and it cannot be respected as it used to be. Until McConnell is the ‘leader’ of the party, things will get only worse.

Trump added:

‘’Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again.’’

McConnell and Trump collaborated for the GOP accomplishments

While Trump was living in the White House, he and McConnell were put to work as a team. They had to work in a pair for numerous GOP accomplishments. Their collaboration resulted in placing more than 200 federal judges into lifetime appointments and filled 3 U.S. Supreme Court seats.

Not only now, but even before the impeachment trial, these two became enemies. Everything happened once they lost control after the Georgia disaster. In this disaster, the president and his supporters, in the runoff on January 5, stated that the election system has been compromised.

Now, McConnell is trying to take back the control of the upper chamber by choosing GOP Senate candidates found on electability. On the other hand, we have Trump who supports the primary rivals who espouse the quote ‘’Making America Great Again’’. Also he supports those who fight for their policy of America First.

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