Mitch McConnell With Dire Warning: WOKE MOB Coming For Church Daycare!

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell spoke on Capitol Hill and issued a warning about the Democrat proposals in the spending bill. Cocaine Mitch read his points on December 9, looking up now to those he was speaking to.

“The proposal” he refers to is the social spending bills worth $2 trillion dollars. The thing that makes this spending bill worse is that it is a very costly way of turning our Land of the Free into a Socialist State, something that has to be fought against at every turn possible.

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In the video we will share with you, McConnell did his best to prove that there are many problems with the bill.

The religious freedoms are encroached upon regardless of what villainous tabloids like Huffpost, Vox, will share.

Tillie Toro has transcribed the video. McConnell is the defender of the faith-based. But, it is difficult to understand and follow all the things he is doing. Also, he often speaks slowly and pauses to highlight.

However, if you struggle to understand what he is saying, you can read that below.

“The reckless taxing and spending spree might not ban faith-based providers on day one, but they’re scheme of mandates and subsidies would slowly and quietly push them out. The Democrats bill would deny religious providers an extra funding stream for upgrading their facilities which their secular competitors would actually get. And their proposal would let woke bureaucrats prosecute faith-based groups unless they leave their values at the door.

If a Jewish daycare wants to prioritize Jewish families, they could get thrown out of the Democrat’s scheme for engaging in discrimination. A Catholic facility could be kicked out if families who are registered parishioners get first dibs. If a faith-based provider decides not to hire someone who fundamentally rejects their teachings, left-wing bureaucrats and lawyers would come after them as well.

“The woke mob that stalks cake bakers and florists is now coming for church daycare.”

Take a look at the video below.

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