Mitch McConnell Neuters Joe Biden Due To Jen Psaki’s Overruling of the “President”

Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Senate Minority Leader, took to Twitter on Tuesday to mock President Joe Biden for being “overruled” by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for calling the border situation a “crisis.”

McConnell argued on the Senate floor that this incident demonstrates that the Biden administration is more concerned with “woke proofreading” than with stopping the influx of migrants.

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According to The New York Post, “the most power that this administration has demonstrated on the border has been their dedication to their talking points — their reluctance to call the situation a crisis.”

“This past weekend, the president of the United States made a mistake and used the forbidden word. But here’s the kicker: his own team overruled him. His press secretary said yesterday that President Biden “didn’t want to characterize the situation as a crisis.”

This came after Biden said on Saturday that the arrival of “young people” at the border is a “crisis,” but Psaki publicly contradicted him on Monday, claiming the president doesn’t believe that.

“The president does not consider children fleeing terror, economic difficulties, or other desperate circumstances at our border to be a crisis,” she said.

“He believes that the crisis in Central America, the desperate circumstances from which many are fleeing, is a situation on which we should focus our time, effort, and attention if we are to avoid more influxes of refugees in the years ahead.”

Psaki’s remarks came the same day that “memos were sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and CBP” informing them that “the government would be implementing fresh, more politically correct rhetoric,” according to McConnell.

“We will no longer have illegal immigrants under this administration — not because they will protect the border, but because they will be referred to as ‘non-citizens’ or ‘undocumented.’


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