Mitch Just Screwed Over the Republican Party, Says Lindsey Graham

On Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham decided to go on Fox News and make a claim about the post-impeachment speech by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in which he denounced President Donald Trump may come back to haunt Republicans.

Graham went so far as to even suggest that McConnell put a load on the back of Republicans with this speech.

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This came one day after McConnell argued that through his conduct before the Capitol riot last month, Trump had committed a disgraceful dereliction of duty, and was technically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day.

Here’s what Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News asked Graham:

‘Let me ask you about one person he may be angry at and tell me whether he is or is not, Mitch McConnell, who gave a strange speech yesterday, essentially saying that the president is guilty, but that the Senate has no power to prosecute a former president, to act against him. What did he think of McConnell’s discourse? What did you think of McConnell’s discourse?’

Here’s what he replied to that question:

‘Ok, number one, I was a little shocked, but in 1998, I heard this. I participated in three of the four impeachments. I apologize for that. The bottom line was that in 1998, Clinton was acquitted by a lot of Democrats then got on the floor and said how horrible he was. You know, all of us were branded cowards by Nancy Pelosi. I don’t think it matters to most Republicans what she thinks.’

‘Senator McConnell’s speech, I think, clearly got a load off his face, but sadly, he put a load on the back of the Republicans. You’ll see the speech in the 2022 campaign. I would think that if you’re a Republican running in Arizona, or in Georgia, or in New Hampshire, where we have a chance to take over the Senate, Senator McConnell could be speaking and asking a candidate about it.’

‘I imagine if you’re a Republican incumbent, there would be people asking you to support Senator McConnell in the future. So, Senator McConnell, I like them. For President Trump, he played well. I assume that his speech is an outlier to how Republicans feel about all this.’


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