Mindreading and Addiction: The Truth Behid TikTok’s Scheme

A document revealed the actual pattern of “work” behind one of the most popular social media platforms of today.

What made this network pop out so rapidly?

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Another leaked disturbing document is revealing some pretty disturbing things.

“A leaked internal document from TikTok shared the details behind what keeps their growing user base glued to their phone screens. And from what the report details, the content pushed in front of users on the platform stems from a by-the-numbers influenced algorithm,” Red Voice Media reported.

“Ben Smith from the New York Times had published a report on this TikTok internal document that is purportedly called “TikTok Algo 101”, which a TikTok spokesperson reportedly confirmed is a genuine internal document that is meant to deliver an explanation “to less tech-savvy employees how the platform’s algorithms work.”

The document was originally leaked directly to The New York Times by an employee, who did this because at work, they were all “disturbed” how TikTok’s algorithm had a propensity to push users toward viewing “sad” content – but the way the report described the algorithm was that it’s nothing more than a bit of (complex) math.

According to the document, “what crops up on a user’s feed on TikTok is determined by a handful of things: whether someone played a video at all, how long someone watches a video, the number of likes and comments a video gets, and the actual length of the video.”

Furthermore – “there’s even a mathematical equation used within TikTok based upon this formula, which is “Plike X Vlike + Pcomment X Vcomment + Eplaytime X Vplaytime + Pplay X Vplay” with the document adding “The recommender system gives scores to all the videos based on this equation and returns to users videos with the highest scores. For brevity, the equation shown in this doc is highly simplified. The actual equation in use is much more complicated, but the logic behind [it] is the same.”

The catch? The actual purpose of this algorithm?

Well – to keep users coming back to the platform, keep them on the platform for more extended periods of time, and ultimately attract new active users.

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