Millions of Used, Bloody Nitrite Gloves ‘Are Being Re-Dyed Then Shipped To The U.S.’

Re-using medical equipment, that should end up in the medical garbage, just for profit, is against every possible law, even against humanity, since, it is definitely a thing that is endangering the longevity, prosperity, and future health of a patient that could be contaminated with someone else’s germs, diseases, and blood!

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Dozens of millions of dirty and used artificial nitrile gloves, some of which are even stained with blood, are being shipped from Thailand BACK to the United States, due to the high demand for medical equipment, resulting from the COVID 19 “crisis”.

Guys – it is all just another trick for laundering money using high-stake, well-paid government tenders, and money!

According to CNN,

“an investigation that concluded that companies in Thailand are repackaging used gloves and reselling them worldwide, including the U.S, was conducted. Thai law enforcement agencies raided warehouses earlier this year belonging to companies who sold reused nitrile gloves abroad. They were horrified to find that workers were using dye to color the used gloves and laundry dryers to dry them after washing.

In February and March, an American company sounded the alarm to Joe Biden’s administration that they had been shipped gloves that were visibly soiled from a company based in Thailand. Though both the Customs and Border Protection and the Food and Drug Administration were given these warnings, the counterfeit shipments continued to be imported into the country as recently as July.”

“We start getting phone calls from clients completely upset, and you know, yelling and screaming at us saying, ‘Hey, you screwed us,’” a businessman located in Miami, who ordered $2million worth of gloves from Paddy the Room, a Thai-based company recalled. “These were reused gloves. They were washed, recycled…Some of them were dirty. Some of them had bloodstains. Some of them had markers on them with dates from two years ago… I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Furthermore, Louis Ziskin, the owner of the company AirQueen, bought $2.7million-worth of gloves from Paddy the Room through a third party.

“We saw dollar signs. We also saw we had legitimate medical customers who were literally begging for this stuff,” he explained.

Unfortunately, when the gloves arrived, they were made of lower-grade latex or vinyl instead of nitrite, and many of them were used. The gloves were in such poor shape that he could not sell them to hospitals in good conscience.

Trying to recover his financial assets, Ziskin traveled to Thailand, where he was arrested for assault and kidnapping after a confrontation in a Bangkok restaurant. He has since denied these charges.

“I’m going to see this through to the very end,” he pledged. “Am I going to get my money back for the company? Most likely not. Are we bringing light to this to where hopefully, the United States can get up off the bench and stop it? Yeah. If that’s what justice is, then that’s what my hope is.”

Seems though every single one, a person, a company, a government… is taking advantage of the COVID 19 “crisis”, when they fit, right?!

If COVID was real, how could a medical company act in such an irresponsible manner?!


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