Millions in Europe Are Taking It To The Streets Over Jab Passports

But you’re probably not familiar with the whole thing and must think this is some kind of speculation.

But the real truth is being reported here, while the big media is keeping silent, to prevent millions around the globe from doing the same, and making massive chaos for freedom!

(That’s exactly what we should do!)

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson decided to speak out.

Before Carlson spoke with legal philosopher, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, about what the future holds with COVID-19 and mandates, he pointed out how the media has been reluctant to report on the massive protests taking place all over the world surrounding governments trying to force the COVID-19 jab on its citizens. And instead of just speaking about the protests, in the video below, Carlson played what he called a small sample of those objecting COVID-19 mandates.


“Although the passports were introduced as a way to show proof that a person has gotten the jab, Vlaardingerbroek detailed how the same QR code is being used to grant citizens everyday amenities. She also noted how there are steps being taken within the European government to make the passport part of a person’s digital identity to encompass full medical records, banking, and taxes. In short, Vlaardingerbroek claimed that the passport was a precursor to a universal social credit score,” Red Voice Media reported.

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