MILLION DEATHS REPORT: Fauci Caught Together With Top Doctors In Attempt To Disqualify An Active COVID Treatment

Putting so many lives in danger, literally, putting people into graves…

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Shouldn’t doctors help prevent the human organism to fail and die, instead of doing the exact opposite? That’s what Dr.Fauci, America’s superhero in the fight against the COVID 19 has done, along with some other very eminent and powerful doctors in the field. They’ve done all possible efforts to ban an active and working cure against the COVID 19- HCQ, or, hydroxychloroquine.

Their false information and forged medical reports have made people believe this active substance doesn’t help, which has resulted in the death of millions of people.

According to statistics,

“It’s been over a year since the WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic after originally downplaying the threat. It is no secret that both the disease and the response to combat it following this SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in late 2019 have turned our world upside-down. Mandates, lockdowns, and guidelines seem to change every time Dr. Fauci opens his mouth. All of these unprecedented rules were put into place, we were told, to slow down the spread of a disease that today is linked to the death of over half a million Americans and 3.7 million global citizens in the last year.”

And to this day, there is still no agreed-upon treatment plan for elderly patients who catch coronavirus in their further recovery.

The CDC along with Dr. Anthony Fauci ignored helpful and working treatment plans for coronavirus patients unless the person was under severe distress.

“Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine Peter McCullough testified in Texas earlier this year. Dr. McCullough sees COVID patients and says 85% of COVID patients given multi-drug treatment plans recover from the disease with complete immunity. McCullough added, “The pandemic could have been over by now, he says if those who tested positive for covid had been immediately treated before they fell ill enough to be hospitalized. He also says that thousands could have been, and still could be saved if the treatment protocol he and other physicians use were not suppressed.”

And here’s the most recent updated regarding this matter, supported by information gained from the leaked Fauci e-mails.

“But the e-mails also showed that Fauci was more in the loop than he let on concerning some of the Trump administration’s proposed treatment solutions.

He notoriously second-guessed then-President Donald Trump during a press conference statement about the benefits of using hydroxychloroquine.

Fauci refuted President Trump in a White House press conference on March 25.”

“Although Fauci seemed taken aback and insisted that the “anecdotal” claims had yet to be conclusively studied, a month earlier he had been looped into an email to Pence on Feb. 29 in which a pair of Oklahoma physicians extensively discussed their research on it.

Fauci also responded to a Feb. 24 inquiry that noted that China had been reporting about its clinical studies with the drug.

“Is there any indication/data to substantiate this claim from China (attached publication) that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can decrease COVID-19 infections and lung disease?” wrote Maryland pharmacologist Philip Gatti.”

“Fauci’s passive reply echoed what he would later convey on the national stage.

“There are no data in this brief report and so I have no way of evaluating their claim,” he wrote dismissively.

“There are a lot of these types of claims going around,” he continued. “I would love to see their data.”

And here are just some bulletin points on what this all comes down to:

According to the article originally published in The Defender,

“- There was a conspiracy between the five authors of the Nature paper and the heads of the NIH, NIAID, and Wellcome Trust to cover up the lab origin of COVID.

– There was a conspiracy involving Daszac, Fauci, and others to push the natural origin theory.

– There was a conspiracy involving Daszac to write the Lancet letter and hide its provenance, to push the natural origin theory and paint any other ideas as a conspiracy theory. Collin’s blog post is another piece of this story.

– Farrar was intimately involved in both large hydroxychloroquine overdose trials, in which about 500 subjects total died.

– Farrar, Fauci and Collins withheld research funds that could have supported quality trials of the use of chloroquine drugs and ivermectin, and other repurposed drugs that might have turned around the pandemic.

– Are the four individuals named here — Fauci, Daszak, Collins, and Farrar — intimately involved in the creation of the pandemic, as well as the prolongation and improper treatments used during the pandemic?”



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