Militia Into Texas Border To Deter Illegal Immigration!

Texans don't have any more patience.

Texas ranchers struggle with a relentless stream of illegal aliens traversing across their property for a couple of months, cutting fences, breaking into Texans’ homes, and threatening them. Texans don’t have any more patience.

Rural Kinney County is a major thoroughfare for illegal immigrants attempting to run from law enforcement. The county shared 16 miles of the border with Mexico, but it is located between Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas’s two major illegal border-crossing zones.

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Galveston’s constables and deputies have beefed up the Kinney sheriff’s stable of six full-time deputies, but they have to cover 1,360 square miles, an impossible ratio.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has a tremendous influence; catching smuggles on the roads and illegal aliens on ranches. However, they were outnumbered.

Sam Hall, the founder & president of militia group Patriots for America, spent one week in Kinney County.

“What we’ve seen is an invasion of this county,” Hall said during a county commissioner’s meeting on October 18. “What we’ve seen is residents that are scared to death right now, and they don’t feel like they have support from the state.”

He discussed the Epoch Time that approximately 40 men would be there by the end of the week and 100 by October 26. The militia’s coming is occurring due to the backdrop of reports that 60,000 to 85,000 Haitian migrants are approaching the US border.

“We need the right men. And as many men want to come down here, we don’t need just a warm body—we need very high IQ, situational-awareness kind of men,” he said.

He also added that the militia would operate in different zones of high traffic.

“As a militia, we can’t detain or arrest people. We can disrupt and frustrate until the county or DPS can get there,” Hall said. He said the militia is self-funded, but members have to take time off work to join. He anticipates that members from Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana will travel to Kinney County.

“We’re not here to hurt anybody. We’re not here to beat our chests, start a fight—nothing like that. We’re here to keep people safe,” Hall said. “We’re not leaving as a militia until we know that this county is safe.”

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Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe stated that the militia is welcome. Still, they have to be careful who they are accepting and where they are coming from. Hall’s militia seems very squared away, and they think they will stay in touch with them about the places they’re operating.

“The best thing for them to do is to be in observation mode,” Coe told The Epoch Times.

“If somebody lets them on their private property, that’s between them and the landowner, but if they see something, call us, don’t engage it. Don’t start something that they can’t finish or finish wrongly because then we’ll be open to a lawsuit.”

Coe stated that militia has a bad name from the past decades, but “because of the militia, the United States exists, and so does the State of Texas.”

“There’s a place for a militia. But it has to be dealt with very, very delicately because there’s a fine line there between vigilantism and militia,” he said.

Also, he added that he knows the mistakes his team is making but will be exploited by the left.

“And so we can’t have anybody down here that’s, you know, watched too many ‘Rambo’ movies growing up and have these illusions of grandeur. We need people that have cool-headed discernment and wisdom and know that this is a high-stakes situation.”

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At the county commissioner’s meeting, Coe asked for an initial ten reserve deputies on an unpaid rotation, and it was approved. He stated that it might pull militia members into the team, and he thinks that the local retired officers will help fill the slots.

In the latest disaster declaration, Kinney County asked Greg Abbott, “immediately deploy 2,000 state military personnel to Kinney County to repel an invasion and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Texas.”

Coe stated that he spoke to the governor, but he wasn’t expecting National Guard troops in the county, even though 1,500 personnel are deployed to the flanking border at Eagle Pass and Del Rio.

Until now, DPS arrested more than 1200 migrants for trespassing on private properties.

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