Mike Pence Makes His Most Embarrassing Move To Dupe MAGA

Former Vice President Mike Pence claimed on Thursday that he is in in contact with former President Donald Trump on a regular basis.

This is his shameless attempt to re-enter MAGA’s good graces.

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In the 2024 presidential election, he is polling at fewer than 1%, and that is what this is all about.


Isn’t he convinced that MAGA supporters are idiots?

According to Fox News, Pence remarked while promoting his conservative group Advancing American Freedom, “We’ve probably spoken a dozen times since the inauguration.” While Pence termed the January 6 Capitol riot as “tough” and “dark,” he also stated that “we went over it.” “We did the job,” he said, resting his hands on his hips.

“And I believe the future is bright because I think what we need to do, Comfortably Smug, is tell the tale of what we did the last four years and not be smug about it,” Pence quipped to his interviewer. “We also need to establish a positive conservative agenda that will entice the American people to support us, that will demonstrate how we will govern differently based on how we did rule differently during our administration and how we would face the difficulties ahead.”

Despite the fact that tensions between Pence and Trump appeared to be rising in recent months, the former Vice President spoke highly of the former president, even sharing a story about runway drama he saw when landing.

“By the time everybody was secured, everybody was off, I got into the car and I started to head downtown and I got a phone call immediately as soon as I got into car. And I answered the phone and he said, ‘Hey Mike! This is Donald. You guys okay? Everybody okay?’ And I said, ‘Yeah. No, we’re fine. It was just a little bumpy ride at the end, but we’re good.’ And he said- he said, ‘Oh, that’s great. Because it’d be a real hassle to get a new running mate.’”

“And I said, ‘Well, thank you for your concern. I appreciate that very much.’ That was a moment of his sense of humor that I got quite used to over the years.”

Regarding his political future, Pence stated that he is not a “long-term planner” and that he believes he must be “called” to run for office rather than “seeking” it. Pence simply said, “anywhere my wife and I feel called, we’ll go,” when asked if he’d consider being Trump’s running mate in 2024, should he run.

“As a 62-year-old man, I can honestly say that the last 20 years of our life have been a privilege,” Pence concluded. “So, whatever the future holds, we’ll just pray about it and check our hearts, because I love this country… This is the finest country on the planet, and I believe it is our responsibility as conservatives and Republicans to maintain and expand the freedom that we enjoy.

Many people will find it difficult to believe that Pence and Trump are in frequent touch, while others will assume that they have put their differences aside. If Trump runs for president in 2024, we wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses a new running mate.

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