Mike Lindell Kicks off the Thursday Cyber Symposium With Some Startling News: Another Home has Been Raided, Credible Threats Have Been Made, and a Conference has Been Infiltrated

Mike Lindell kicked off Thursday’s Cyber Symposium with a series of startling revelations–

Mike Lindell told the crowd that state officials raided an associate of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ residence last night. The father is the father of four children. They grabbed his entire computer system.

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Colonel Phil Waldren immediately took to the stage to inform the audience that the conference had been hacked.

Colonel Waldren: In addition, about two weeks ago, the Red Team began getting genuine threats… Inside, we discovered disruptors posing as those who had been removed. Outside, there are some really radical people attempting to infiltrate. In the parking lot, we had people trading press badges.

We found those agitators and provocateurs through visual imagery, which was confirmed by their social media platforms… The ultimate goal is to discredit all politicians who are willing to listen… They’re plainly attempting to derail Mike’s message. As a result, this is classic insurgent behavior. This is an example of the Color Revolution in action.

Waldren then informed the audience that someone attempted to sabotage their meeting by inserting erroneous data. The federal government was also notified.


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