Mike Lindell Furious After His Vimeo Was Deleted

The guy created an independent network – and they are still “breathing in his neck”!

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If you aren’t seeing certain people in the media, that doesn’t mean they’re not active. t just means that they are working “in silence”, exposing the good American people, such as Mike Lindell as bad public personas. When I fact, the people that are not exposed on TV, pull the string from the dark behind the curtain.

According to the Daily Beast, Mike Lindell stated the following:

“This is worse than what Twitter did to me and my company. This affects my business, the Lindell Recovery Network, and the entrepreneurs who I work with.”

Lindell also sent The Daily Beast a screenshot of what he said was an email he and his team received from Vimeo on Wednesday at 12:36 p.m. ET, and it reads, “Your account was terminated for violating Vimeo’s Terms of Service…and Community Guidelines. We do not allow accounts that upload content created by or mainly featuring a banned user. As the purpose of your account is to promote content from a banned user, it has been removed. We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.”

That’s because Lindell was the key persona that could help President Trump, financially speaking, to overturn the results from the November 2020 elections. He has many other resources, as we’ve seen to this very day. And that’s the whole reason why the Liberals want to shut him up – so he stops influencing the people and showing them the path of the truth.

After the publishing of this story, the Vimeo team sent an e-mail to the Daily Beast team, with the following statement:

“Vimeo strives to enforce policies objectively and consistently across our platform. The account in question is currently suspended and pending review from our Trust & Safety team. In the event we determine that the account has uploaded content that violates our terms, we will take appropriate action including content removal and, potentially, account termination,” it said.

They’re obviously obstructing themselves from further political “messy” games, without realizing – they’re already deep inside, being owned by the invisible Liberal’s hand!


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