Mike Lindell Exposed GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

He exposed all the little scams and tricks she’s been doing to entangle and end his fight for justice and President Trump.

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Ronna holds the “power of the purse” over candidates, and she’s definitely not the friend of Americans, standing clearly against the “America First” policies.

She is Mitt Romney’s niece for a reason, and she needs to go.

According to Conservative Brief,

“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is preparing a case to take to the Supreme Court but, he said, an unlikely foe is standing in his way. Lindell says the reason his lawsuit is lagging is because of Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel.”

“We are in uncharted territory as a Nation. The November 2020 election was stolen,” reads the complaint for The Supreme Court.

Mike said that McDaniel is actually calling state attorneys general and asking them not to sign his complaint.

“How dare the RNC try and stop this case from getting to the Supreme Court. Shame on you, RNC! You are worse than Fox now,” Mike said.

“We’re flying around the last couple of days — it’s been very chaotic,” he said to Steve Bannon. “We do have a full copy of the complaint with any of the changes that they needed and we’re going to have a great update for you,” he stated when he appeared on “Real America’s Voice” last Tuesday.

It is kind of like herding cats. You have different ones at different levels. I do have some — a couple — which I don’t want to announce right now that said straight-up we’re not going to do it,” Mike revealed.

He said he found it “very disturbing” that some attorney generals said “no” to his lawsuit for “no reason.” He said he believes that they “don’t want to help save our country.”

Probably he got a call from Ronna?!

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