Mike Adams is warned by Steve Quayle: NO MORE ELECTION – Before the Mid-Term Elections in 2022, America Faces a Cataclysmic Collapse

Steve Quayle, a pioneering researcher, author, and publisher, has issued yet another grim warning.

In an interview we conducted late last week, Quayle warned that America is on the verge of a cataclysmic collapse and that we are unlikely to live long enough to hold the 2022 midterm elections intact.

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The “vaxssassination” of humanity via covid death shots is discussed in the conversation, as well as how globalists are aiming to cleanse planet Earth and replace humanity with something else entirely.

What Quayle correctly points out is that humanity has been targeted for extinction, and the covid pandemic is a two-pronged attempt to kill as many people as possible.

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For nearly 30 years, Steve Quayle has been writing on genetic warfare, fallen angels, and globalist-run genocide. His early books (in the 1990s) accurately predicted the biological / genetic experiments now being openly conducted on the entire world via transfection mRNA covid “vaccine” injections.

He’s widely considered one of the key founders of the survivalist movement, and his early books (in the 1990s) accurately predicted the biological / genetic experiments now being openly conducted on the entire world via trans-fection mRNA covid “vaccine” injections.

While considered a fringe theory for decades, Steve Quayle has been proven true time and time again as his worst nightmares play out in front of the eyes of the entire globe. Almost everything that is currently being implemented in the name of the covid pandemic was predicted by Quayle over the last twenty years.

The American people will face total warfare at all levels in the months and years ahead, according to Quayle, including spiritual warfare, food scarcity warfare, economic warfare, and kinetic warfare as the corrupt, criminal establishment hunts down and mass murders anyone who refuses to take the vaccine death shot.

The spike protein, on the other hand, will slowly kill those who obey and take the shot.

You have two options: obey and die, or disobey and become HUNTED.

In today’s explosive interview with Steve Quayle, he reveals all:


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