Middle School Teacher For The Unvaxxed: ‘Let Them Die’!

Well, that’s the right attitude for her profession! Such a cheerful person, ain’t she? Positive, smiling, and communicative… Bravo…

A middle school teacher from Wy’East Middle School posted the most bizarre statement a person could wish for another person.

In response to an individual’s comment on her post which alluded to the fact that it’s wrong to wish ill on others, Kolkemo said “I have no problem with that.”

“If we’re lucky we can cut out 30 percent of the population that votes the wrong way,” Kolkemo added. “Let the hunger games begin.”

“Community members questioned Kolkemo’s mental capacity to be a teacher due to her threatening and biased views and called upon Evergreen Public Schools for disciplinary action.

According to Janae Gomes, the chief operations officer at Evergreen Public Schools, the HR department is handling the situation.”

A source at Evergreen Public Schools told The Post Millennial that they are not “shocked” by Kolkemo’s comments given the frequent acts of hostility towards those with differing views within the school system.

“The culture in that school is tolerant of everything except ideas, and I think you could say that about the entire district having worked in nearly every middle school and high school in Vancouver. Given that, I was not at all shocked to see the post from Kolkemo wishing death upon the 30 percent of the population that ‘votes the wrong way.’ I know for a fact this is not uncommon thinking in that school district,” the source said.

“I worked in the district as a sub for years and graduated from the district as a student. When I would take subbing assignments at Wy’East it was my introduction to the wokeness of public schools. Several teachers had ‘Mx’ instead of ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ on their classroom doors. I had to ask the students what this meant, and they informed me that the teachers don’t identify as men or women, but rather a mixture (Mx) of Mr and Mrs.”


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