MI GOP Found Out a Resourceful Way to Implement “Election Reform” that Whitmer Can’t Veto

Finally, some voting continuity seems to be on the way in the great state of Michigan.

After the 2020 presidential election, the state was chastised for a number of dubious voting procedures, the most egregious of which was the massive influx of absentee ballots sent out without request throughout the state.

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I live in Michigan, and we got 11 ballots that we did not request… in a home with 3 residents.

And there was a lot more than that…

But the GOP-led Michigan legislature is now pushing back against these ludicrous measures, and Gretchen Whitmer was beautifully sidestepped in the process.

There, the Republican Party is introducing a slew of common-sense bills to curb voter fraud, including tighter voter ID laws and stricter absentee ballot practices.

(AP) — LANSING, Mich. — According to a top Michigan Republican, the GOP-controlled Legislature is preparing a strategy that will allow it to pass controversial election reforms into law, effectively nullifying a possible veto from the state’s Democratic governor.

If Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoes new bills that Democrats and voting-rights advocates claim will restrict voting, Ron Weiser, the state Republican Party’s chair, told activists Thursday that the party would spearhead a ballot initiative. Legislators may pass such bills without a gubernatorial veto or bring them to a public vote under state law.

Weiser said that the “election integrity” bills, which would mandate photo identification, limit absentee ballot drop-off hours, and prohibit prepaid postage on return envelopes, would guarantee a “fair” election in 2022.

There was no systemic fraud in the high-turnout 2020 election in Michigan, where Joe Biden beat Trump by 154,000 votes, or 2.8 percentage points, despite allegations from former President Donald Trump and his allies.

Weiser reported that the party would pay county GOP parties to collect the approximately 340,000 valid voter signatures needed for certification of the bill.

Thank you to the Republican Party of Michigan for standing up to these injustices.

After all of this, I’m not sure Whitmer will be able to find a solution.


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