Metallic ‘String’ Wiggling After Eliminated From Vaccinated Body!

A disturbing video shows the vaccine’s side effects.

This video showed the metallic-looking string capable of movement once taken out of a vaccinated individual’s body! The body was from a US Soldier, and everything was showed on the Stew Peters Show.

In an interview between Stew Peters and Amanda, the wife of the US soldier who was asked to get the controversial vaccine, we could see the video that shows a metallic parasitic-looking organism taken out from the soldier’s body.

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“They think that they have found tiny little metallic strings coming out of his body,” said Peters. “They have a video which they believe shows one of those strings trying to wiggle out of tweezers, back into the body.”

Amanda stated that her husband got a metallic clay bath after a bad vaccine reaction and subsequently through a holistic detoxification regimen. After the treatment, they thought that what was extracted was metallic strings, and they recorded one wiggling toward human contact.

The soldier’s wife stated that after her husband got the vaccine, they contracted an illness that caused them to lose their taste and smell. After that, the man experienced fatigue, headaches, chest discomfort, and many other symptoms indicating vaccine reaction.

In the detox, “he felt like he had needles coming out of his skin,” the wife said. Amanda moved on, saying that her husband didn’t want to get the vaccine, but his officials at work pressed him.

“Two days later, we got a black light and found out that he was glowing,” the wife continued. Then, the soldier went through a “magnetic clay bath,” and the “stuff was literally sitting on top of his skin.”
Later, the couple wanted to examine the strings, so they took it with tweezers, and it wiggled.

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