Melinda Gates Furious Over Bill’s Bond With Jeffrey Epstein!

Little by little, everything comes into its place. Soon we will have the complete picture of Bill Gates’ story!

The latest reports claim that Melinda declared she was furious over her husband’s bond with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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In 2013, the Gates met with Epstein, even though they knew about his sex crimes involving children. They justified their meeting with a “philanthropic reason.”

Moreover, after the meeting, Melina told her friends how uncomfortable she felt.

It would be bizarre if she weren’t feeling uncomfortable. After all, Epstein is a demonic creep.

Business Insider has more details.

A meeting between Bill and Melinda Gates and Jeffrey Epstein in 2013 left Melinda Gates upset at the relationship between her husband and the financier, The Daily Beast reported Thursday.

With the Gateses now splitting up, sources told the outlet that Bill Gates’ friendship with Epstein — who had already pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage girl in 2008 when the two first connected in 2011 —”still haunts” Melinda Gates.

According to the outlet, the couple met with Epstein in New York City at his Upper East Side mansion in September 2013. Sources told The Daily Beast that soon after the meeting, Melinda Gates told friends of her discomfort during the encounter. Several people close to the couple reportedly said she was “furious” over her husband’s relationship with Epstein.

Gates’ ties to Epstein were first reported by The New York Times in late 2019 following Epstein’s suicide in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, where he was awaiting trial on new charges accusing him of sex-trafficking girls and women.

Below you will hear Bill Gates’ confession about Epstein meetings. The video is from 2019.

The Daily Beast covered this story about Gates and Epstein.

Melinda Gates met with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein alongside her husband Bill in New York City and soon after said she was furious at the relationship between the two men, according to people familiar with the situation.

The previously unreported meeting occurred at Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion in September 2013, on the same day the couple accepted the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award at the Pierre Hotel and were photographed alongside then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The meeting would prove a turning point for Gates’ relationship with Epstein, the people familiar with the matter say, as Melinda told friends after the encounter how uncomfortable she was in the company of the wealthy sex offender and how she wanted nothing to do with him.

Gates’ friendship with Epstein—who for years was accused of molesting scores of underage girls—still haunts Melinda, according to friends of the couple who spoke to The Daily Beast this week in light of the pair’s divorce announcement, which had been weeks in the making.

One year ago, the New York Times claimed that Gates and Epstein met a couple of times from 2011 to 2013, and Gates rode Epstein’s private jet.

So Sick!

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