Megyn McCain, Clearly Enraged, Drops an F-Bomb on Jen Psaki

Yesterday was a bad day for the Biden administration, but it was also a bad day for America.

In two devastating suicide bombs at Kabul’s cluster-bleep airport, we lost 13 heroic military guys.

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Furthermore, 20 soldiers have been injured, with 10 of them in “critical” condition, suggesting that more deaths may be on the way. Please remember them in your prayers.

It was horrible, and Americans, already enraged by Joe Biden’s mishandled management of Afghanistan, became even more enraged and frustrated after learning of the deaths of 13 courageous Americans.

It was the worst day in a decade for the US military.

Biden’s handling of the Afghan situation is a disgrace. But it’s not just him; it’s also his entourage.

Jen Psaki was arrogantly trying to spin the Afghan debacle just a day before the disastrous bombs, claiming it was the most successful evacuation operation the world had ever seen.


You can’t sink the ship and then gloat about how full your lifeboats are. That’s not how things work in the real world, but that’s the message Team Biden was attempting to send… Then the bombings occurred, and they were silent.

We hadn’t seen Biden in 7 hours…

Jen Psaki wasn’t seen for roughly 8 or 9 hours. It was a calamity in Kabul and in the United States.

It merely goes to illustrate how stupid and ineffectual Biden and his administration are…

People are dissatisfied…

M, a Biden supporter, is one of them.

Maybe she’s remorseful about her vote for Bumbling Joe?

She’s furious with Jen Psaki, and she let her have it with both barrels — including dropping a “f-bomb” on her head.

Meghan’s exact words were, “Spin this f**king one Psaki.”

People are clearly tired up with all of this — they are fed up with the flaws, ineptness, and lies.

It’s been approximately eight months since Joe Biden was “installed,” and it’s been a series of blunders and disasters.

Sorry, but I’ll never believe that 81 million people legitimately voted for this knucklehead, and if you believe that, you’re probably as deranged as Joe.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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