Megyn Kelly Slams Andrew Cuomo: ‘A Corrupt, Lying, Cheating Criminal’ (AUDIO)

Megyn Kelly is not Andrew Cuomo’s fan.

Her guest was former FOX News host Eric Bolling during a recent episode of her podcast. They spoke about Cuomo being consumed by the nursing home scandal.

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Ever Heard Megyn Kelly and Eric Bolling Kill Andrew Cuomo Over ‘Criminal Conduct’ Huge Cover-up’? Ya Go Here

The Cuomo administration released a guideline in March 2020, forcing nursing homes to allow the readmission of patients from hospitals, even though they were COVID-positive, during a debate about NY State Assemblyman Ron Kim’s allegation that Cuomo tried to ruin his career in retribution for criticising the governor’s treatment of COVID in nursing homes.

Kelly emphatically announced that Cuomo must be removed from office, and it’s past time for the sycophantic media (see: CNN, Fredo, et al.) to avoid ignoring the scandal.

This guy wants to be bounced out of the workplace, it’s not something about canceling society. On top of the New York State government, you have a crooked, dishonest, cheating criminal. “It is time for the press to stop looking the other way around.”…

A huge cover-up seems to be afoot. Let’s just have a look here at the relative stakes. We speak of the massive loss of life of the most innocent of our beloved ones.

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