Megyn Kelly Reveals One Disturbing Image – Here’s What It’s For

The communist “cancel culture” on the left has gone into overdrive.

It’s always been terrible, but now that a misguided old man is in charge, the powers-that-be are going crazy canceling anything and everything they can get their hands on in the name of communism.

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And the left’s current emphasis is on children.

Don’t believe for a second that what they’re doing now, by “cancelling” all of these children’s books and shows, isn’t a concerted assault on America’s children.

Just wait before you see what they come up with to replace it.

But you don’t even have to wait to find out… It’s already happening, as Megyn so eloquently points out.

Megyn Kelly recently posted a meme that encapsulates the left’s plan to take over our children, and it’s both gross and alarming.

Cadi B’s vulgar, warped, and completely depraved “WAP” song is acceptable in “Biden’s America,” but Dr. Seuss and the Muppets are not.

Take a look at this photo Megyn posted with the caption, “This about sums things up.”

The lyrics to Cardi B’s “WAP” song are so wildly and grossly sick and offensive that I can’t even post them. Here they are if you want to read them…but be careful, they are completely depraved.

And to those who claim that children do not listen to the album, please take your head out of the sand and face reality.

This repulsive song is “mainstream,” having charted at number one on the Billboard 100. Yes, it was an edited edition, but “edited versions” pique the interest of curious children even more than the unedited version. This is something we all know, and kids can listen to the song or read the gross lyrics with only a few clicks on their smart devices.

It’s harrowing to say the least.


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