Megyn Kelly Harshly Taking On The Disgraced Cuomo Brothers

I would have laughed in your face if you had told me four years ago that Megyn Kelly would become a staunch crusader for the right. Still, alas, here we are…

I believe Megyn has had a really humbling experience, and she has learned a lot and dealt with a lot of “cancel culture” herself, not to mention leftist schools attempting to “program” her children.

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I believe Megyn was genuinely “red-pilled” based on her personal experiences, and I respect her. Before that dumb Republican primary debate, I had always liked her… But it’s nice to have her here, fighting for us – it’s great to have her on our squad.’

And while we’re on the topic of “our side,” Megyn is taking aim at the Cuomo brothers – specifically, liar and weasel Chis Cuomo, who is trying his utmost to disregard his disgusting brother’s scandals – and, to make it worse, he’s presenting himself as some “righteous” guy for not reporting the #MeToo and “nursing home” serial killing scandals that his brother is associated with.

That didn’t sit well with Megyn.

Chris said on his show last night that he knows what’s going on with his brother, but that he can’t talk about it because it’s “his brother.”

What’s up with that? What are you talking about?

Did Chris forget about CNN’s nightly “vaudeville-like” cringe-fest, which aired as Americans died in nursing homes?

During COVID and the giant Q-tip shows, wasn’t Andrew Cuomo his brother?

So, Chris can cover his brother on his CNN show as long as it’s not “bad stuff?” Let’s get this straight.

Is that how this ridiculous charade now operates?

Megyn Kelly is currently posing this question.

“Chris Cuomo says he can’t cover allegations against Andrew Cuomo because he’s my brother,” Megyn said. Cuomo (as well as Brian Stelter, who is selectively involved in media ethics) was asked the following question: Why wasn’t this logic implemented during the pandemic? “Wasn’t Andrew Chris’s brother?”

This is yet another lying hypocrite’s “duck and run” maneuver. Not only was Chris a liar, but he and his brother were laughing their asses off on national television when his brother was murdering grandmothers and grandfathers by the thousands.

Chris assisted his evil brother’s success by putting on a show of “hilarious good times” when unspeakable horrors occurred.

He has a lot to answer for, and his nonsense about “Oh, golly gee, I can’t talk about it” isn’t going to fly.



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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