Megyn Kelly, a Journalist, Has Dropped the Bombshell That Many Have Been Waiting For Since January 6th…

For a variety of reasons, the events on January 6th were regrettable.

The death of Ashli Babbitt was clearly the worst thing that could have happened, and we still have no idea who shot and killed her, which is a shame.

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It’s also a darn pity that Americans felt their vote and voice had been silenced to the point where they felt compelled to demonstrate in Washington, DC.

That’s also a disgrace.

It makes no difference to me that Pelosi’s podium was taken. Sorry, but I don’t agree, and based on Congress’s approval numbers, I’m guessing that many others do as well.

I’m more concerned about ordinary citizens who believe our elections are rigged.

The outrageous media coverage was another “travesty” from that day.

When the fracas began, our amazing and trustworthy media reported that Trump supporters had killed a police officer with a fire extinguisher…

That was never the case.

Ashli was the only one who died as a direct result of the brawl. Period.

The events of January 6th would not have been blown up with so many lies and bogus stories if it hadn’t been for the propaganda media, and the entire event would not have taken on such a hazardous life of its own.

To this day, Democrats refer to January 6th as “worse than 9/11,” which is completely disrespectful and ludicrous.

However, the lying fake news media is once again given carte blanche to broadcast lies and hazardous fake news — bogus stories that the bumbling moron in the White House continues to spread to this day.

According to Yahoo News:

On Wednesday, Joe Biden mischaracterized Brian Sicknick’s death, contradicting the medical examiner’s report by stating the US Capitol Police officer was slain by “criminals” who assaulted the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The mainstream media is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the Democrats, who utilize it against the American people.

Sorry, but that is the harsh reality.

But, at long last, one journalist has summoned the courage to call them out on it.

That’s right, Megyn Kelly, of all people, has finally called out the fake news for lying about January 6th, portraying it as SO MUCH WORSE than it was.

According to Newsweek, Megyn Kelly, presenter of the Megyn Kelly Show podcast, remarked on her Monday edition that the media misrepresented the events of the January 6 Capitol insurgency as “far worse than it actually was.”

Kelly made the remark while speaking with her guest, comedian Chrissie Mayr, who described her own experience as a riot participant as “so like, not a huge deal” and “the most relaxed.”

“There’s no doubt the media portrayed it as much worse than it was,” acknowledged the former Fox News anchor.

Megyn went on to say that it was undoubtedly “frightening” for those on the ground – which I don’t deny – but my God, during the “Summer of Love,” these same individuals sat around CHEERING on the riots. And those people were trashing businesses, burning cities down, and killing more than 20 individuals.

So, Mr. Congressman, forgive us for not caring that someone sat on top of your desk…

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

It’s a win-win situation for Megyn. I’m glad she had the courage to say it because it’s completely accurate.

The liberal political elites want you to believe that someone snatching your pen is the same as thousands of Americans dying on September 11, 2001.

It’s insane and insulting to the point of insanity.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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