Meghan Will Be Devastated When She Hears Latest News About Harry and William

Over the weekend, Prince William and Prince Harry were reunited at the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 99. According to accounts, the brothers talked for hours after the funeral, igniting expectations around the world that their schism could be closing.

Meghan can’t be pleased about this; after all, she’s worked so hard to build confusion and discord in this family, and now that she’s home, people are beginning to heal.

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What a setback for Meghan. She’ll have to step it up a notch.

According to The Sun, William and Harry spoke with their father, Prince Charles, for two hours at Windsor Castle after the funeral. The talks went so well, according to reports, that Harry may stay for Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday on Wednesday.

Harry has also announced that he will return to the UK this summer to attend the unveiling of a memorial statue to his late mother, Princess Diana, at Windsor Castle. Insiders predict that this ceremony will strengthen the bond between Harry and William.

“It’s early days,” a source said, “but you’d think this is exactly the first move Philip would have wished for.”

This comes just one month after Harry and Meghan Markle gave Oprah Winfrey an explosive tell-all interview. They claimed to have experienced prejudice within the royal family during this interview, and Harry claimed that his father and brother felt “trapped” by royal life.

“What was said behind closed doors and when the cameras were switched off is unknown, but it’s unthinkable to believe Megxit and Oprah did not come up,” the source said. “As the cameras rolled, Harry and William seemed friendly, which seemed to pave the way for Charles to join them after everyone had left.

Penny Junor, a royal biographer, elaborated on William, Harry, and Charles’ conversation.

She said, “This was minutes after the burial, and they were all mourning in their own ways.” “It’s possible there were some greetings. Even so, it’s a promising start.

“There’s a lot to figure out here. There has been a long-running feud between the two parties. They need time, space, and trust,” Junor continued. “Harry should stay for the Queen’s birthday because it is the least he can do for his grandmother and it allows him to speak to his father and brother even more.”


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