Meghan And Harry’s Sprawling New Mansion Has People Question Their Victim Story

During a “interview” (more like a PR piece) with Oprah Winfrey last night, Meghan and Harry planned to blow up the entire Royal family.

Meghan, in true Meghan fashion, is annihilating Harry’s family in the same way she annihilated her own.

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As a result, when she divorces him and marries a wealthy and successful Hollywood producer, he will be totally alone.

We all know it’ll happen because Meghan is the stereotypical toxic “drama queen” female. We’ve all seen women like this… She’s a wrecking ball that destroys everything in her way, and the only thing that manages to escape her wrath is herself.

The pair made an appearance on Oprah, where they dared to portray themselves as “poor me” victims.

That’s right, “peak 2021” is a billionaire “reporter” interviewing a couple of millionaires about how difficult life is.

People were taken aback by their assault on the Royal Family, in addition to their portrayal of themselves as victims.

These two entitled jerks dropped a nuclear bomb on an entire family, culture, and heritage without even giving the individual a chance to answer.

Harry went on to lament about how his family had cut him off from the capital – with the exception of the $50 million his mother left him, which is pennies, ya’ll.

Despite their complete “financial failure,” Meghan and Hary were able to purchase this stunning, sprawling home.

Hey, wouldn’t you want to be in that kind of “financial trouble”?

Needless to say, many people had a lot of thoughts to share about these two down-and-out former Royals…Here are just some of the comments:

“40mill from Harry from the Trust his mom set up for him. 50mill Spotify deal 100mill for Netflix 30mill from the Interview plus I suppose some left over from his Dad’s Duchy account. Plus a few others.”

“So much for leaving royal life behind. They’re trading it in for recognition.”

““Harry, blink 3 times if you need to be rescued.””

“Once I get my #StimulusCheck I’m gonna move next door!!”

“Some people are so ungrateful; so many others are homeless.”

“Man, he wasn’t kidding about being cut off, was he? How do they sleep at night!”

“By my count, there’s only one pool. One Pool!! Who tf was their Realtor?! They should definitely be filing a Civil Suit to cover the Emotional Trauma they’re obviously suffering. It’s bad enough they had to give up their level of Royalty and move to LA, but one f’ng Pool..?”

“And they still want to be “victims”. Everyone got to be a “victim” now.”

“Get that scum out of the US. they don’t belong here.”

“Cut off from financial support! Such VICTIMS!”

“They’ve got 300 million dollars so far. Not bad!!”

“How do they manage.”

“Yes I can definitely see how they are victims! Wow! Must be so traumatic on them! I feel so bad for them that i would like to switch places to save them!!!!!!”

“Pitiful. How do they roll out of bed everyday?”



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