Medical Personnel: Houston Hospital Demands Employees NOT To List Vaccine Reactions

According to a Houston Methodist nurse, the hospital’s employees are not allowed to note any adverse effects to the Coronavirus vaccine on official records. Nurse Jennifer Bridges joined Del Bigree on The Highwire to reveal the surprising news.

“However, every time a nurse or another staff reports an unpleasant response, they’re effectively told in the ER, ‘No, it’s not an unfavorable reaction.’ This is simply a case of intolerance.’ Jennifer Bridges told Del Bigtree, “They don’t report it properly, and they don’t address it appropriately.”

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“And I’ve been in contact with someone in the hospital system who handles things like charting and finalizing people’s charts… They told me that Methodist had instructed them to “not put any bad effects to the immunization in anyone’s chart.” People are basically being told not to talk about it, not to confront it, and not to label it on charts. Nurse Jennifer Bridges told Bigtree, “We as staff have to go to the system and document these adverse effects because Methodist isn’t doing it.”

116 Employees at Houston Methodist are apparently suing the hospital in an attempt to overturn the institution’s vaccine mandate.


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