Medical Assistant At Portland Hospital Calls For Acts Of Terrorism And Death Of White Nation!

A medical assistant identified as Danielle Salinas, who reportedly works for Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), is apparently quite the opposite of what one might want to work in the realm of health and patient care.

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Investigate journalist Andy Ngo shed light on OHSU’s resident communist who idealizes acts of terrorism, genocide, and general racist sentiments on April 19th, taking to Twitter with, “Danielle Salinas, a medical assistant at Portland hospital [OHSU], has a history of racist posts. A militant communist who works [with] patients, she calls for political violence, domestic terrorist attacks & the deaths of others.”

The online posts that Salinas has shared in the past range from generally tasteless to downright unsettling. One of the more nuisance ones read, “I can’t believe I’m stuck inside this metal tube with a bunch of white people who think putting a thin cloth over their mouth and nose for an hour and 49 minutes is a violation of their personal ‘freedom.’”

Salinas clearly harbors a disdain for white people, having commented on Twitter in the past, “white man extinction button,” which is obviously a signal for her jokingly wanting to see all white men be wiped off the face of the Earth.

It gets worse with Salinas, as she apparently advocated for the murder of former President Trump, writing in March of 2020, “I want everyone in the White House to burn, if I’m being completely honest. What I actually want will get me suspended (and worse) so suffice it to say…I want this country to burn for what they’re doing to us.”

It’s likely of little shock that with Salinas residing in Portland and being a fan of domestic terrorism, she also championed the egregious attack launched against Andy Ngo in 2019, adding that she wished the attackers would’ve used “cement” in their terroristic assault against the journalist.

Considering that Ngo shined a light on this aspiring (or potentially active) domestic terrorist, Salinas has been working quickly to remove any posts on Twitter that link her to said extremism and has reportedly “locked down” her account, according to Ngo.

What’s your comment on this brutal insanity?!

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