Media Silent About The Massive 300% Spike In COVID Deaths

Everything is A-OK down in Florida – but the mainstream media needs to present the reverse situation since the Liberals have a great thorn in their eye that has to be removed. And that is, of course, Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Furthermore, Ron clearly stated that there will be no COVID restrictions and lockdowns in his state. And that made them even more furious.

According to the report published by Trending Politics,

“The popular Republican governor has flaunted the purported “settled science” emanating out of Washington, blue states, and the likes of Dr. Fauci by maintaining Americans’ rights and freedoms during what is tantamount to a nationwide ‘state of emergency’ that has been wearing on for nearly 18 months.

So, when John Hopkins University dumped what amounted to a 300% surge in COVID deaths in a dataset on Friday, the media pounced on the spike to attack DeSantis’ approach to managing his state during the pandemic crisis. It should be noted that Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware was also included in the distorted data dump.”

And the Daily Mail reported that

“A massive data dump by Florida and Delaware has skewed the daily COVID-19 death figures compiled by the widely-respected Johns Hopkins University and made it appear that they jumped by 300 percent Friday.

The figure trebled from 321 on Thursday to 891 on Friday raising fears that the more highly contagious Delta variant is now translating into spiraling fatalities nationwide. Florida made up almost half of the daily tally, with 409 of the deaths recorded coming from the Sunshine State.”

And, despite there’s a massive surge in COVID deaths, and also, other positive cases, especially of the new Delta variant, that even the vaccinated can spread, the mortality rates have remained statistically flat in the States. And in the diagram below you may see the actual mortality rates of COVID in Florida.


Ava Garcia

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