Media And News Manipulation By The DOJ – Influence The Judges – Here’s Their Plan!

Deeper down the communist hole we go…

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All thanks to the latest Liberal train we’ve “decided to catch”.

In the communist system, the liberal principle that no man did a crime that deserves to be punished with jail is consistent – every crime can be forgiven, except those crimes of political dissidents.


Because no other action is more serious than turning your back on your “mother” – the government. Because that’s exactly how the government gets so powerful!

Understanding the deepest roots of communism and their basic philosophies of ruling will pretty much uncover the truth behind every single deed that is happening in our country, ever since the elections in November took place.

But there are still people in this country that actually use their brains and think. That’s how this communist plot started unraveling.

We’ve got this case, where Eric Munhel and his mother are being held in jail with no chance for bail, regarding the 6th January incidents – though they weren’t involved in them, but happen to be on the wrong place in the wrong time,

“These appeals present the question of whether Eric Munchel and his mother, Lisa Eisenhart, may be detained pending trial for their participation in the riot at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. The answer to that question does not turn on any generalized, backward-looking assessment of the rioters or the riot, as the district court erroneously suggested. Instead, it turns on a specific, forward-looking assessment of whether Munchel and Eisenhart as individuals currently pose an unmitigable threat to public safety. My colleagues and I agree on this critical point about the governing legal standard in these appeals,” the people from American Thinker stated in their efforts to free the innocent ones.

Here’s more from their report:

“As BuzzFeed reports, the Munchel ruling is already impacting existing cases of January 6 protestors being held without bail. Two Oath Keepers members, Connie Meggs and Donovan Crowl were granted bond by Judge Amit Mehta (by the way, an Obama appointee) who relied on the Munchel decision.”

“The description of Munchel and Eisenhart’s conduct at the Capitol, a description based on evidence, not news reports, is more in accord with my view of what almost all the thousands of protesters exhibited — no armed violence to persons or destruction of property; at best misdemeanor trespass which given the encouragement to do so by a number of Capitol Police even seems a dubious charge. This description is contrary to the perfervid press coverage and the bias it engendered upon which it appears that the Department of Justice was counting in the subsequent criminal court proceedings. The florid accounts in the press were in my view designed to tar any Trump supporters and justify surrounding the Capitol with National Guard troops, fences, and barbed wire. When actually facing evidentiary challenges, those accounts failed here.”

“Last time we were here 30 days ago, I was convinced that it was a plan to execute an incursion on the Capitol building,” the judge told Caldwell’s attorney. “You’ve raised some evidence that I think, rebuts that notion.”

“The judge has since released other defendants, noting there’s no evidence they assaulted anyone at the Capitol or, in some cases, don’t appear to be as involved in the planning before Jan. 6.”

But Mehta ordered Meggs to remain locked up, beckoning him “a danger to the community”.

He further continued to blame him without any single proof, stating that he was planning and leading up to the attack, storming in the streets of Washington.

Also, because this seems to be the case, even the prosecutors aren’t quite certain as to what they should stick to, and which version of the story should they tell to the press.

It’s ” an open secret” that the DOJ has already made this proven practice in theory, where they “bribe” the media, manipulate the news, and in that way, manipulate the very judges, by making them think or act in their own planned pattern. It has already been proven to work, so they are doing the same thing now – presenting them as “out of the leash Trump supporters”, leaving them no chance for bail, so the least they could do is hope for a bargain.

And the basic premise of law was – “innocent until proven guilty??!”

That doesn’t work in our “democratic heaven” state anymore!


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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