McEnany Comments On Biden’s Announcement Of His First Formal Press Conference

It isn’t only the “scheduled presser” that is the thorn in our eyes.

Kayleigh McEnany, former White House Press Secretary, commented on Biden’s announcing the first press conference, nine days ahead. Biden announced his first press conference on Wednesday, and McEnany called his move “confounding.”

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For Fox News, former White House Press Secretary declared:
“It’s extraordinary that he hasn’t taken questions so far. It’s also confounding to me — as Dana Perino, one of my predecessors, pointed out — that they chose to announce it nine days in advance!”

“A lot can happen then, and one of the advantages is, you gauge the messaging. He [Trump] said it was the rule. He didn’t announce the press conference till the morning of.”

Also, she said that his move was confounding. Below you can see her explanation.

“The rule during my tenure [was] you want to see what the news cycle is,”

“No one knows what the news cycle will be. No one knows what will happen, and to put this pressure on it and have this buildup where we will all be watching this, it’s an extraordinary way to go about things. A confounding strategy, and I’m not sure why they chose to deal with it.”

All the comments come after Psaki announced Biden’s formal press conference on Thursday afternoon, on March 25.

Biden holds the record of the most prolonged period of not having a single formal press conference in America’s history.

McEnany said that she warned about this on her leaving from the White House.
“I actually warned some of the reporters there in the press corps,”

“In the waning days of the Trump administration, he didn’t do as much press availabilities every day as he walked to [Marine One] or those press conferences.”

“I said to the correspondents, ‘You’re getting a little taste of what it will be like in the Biden administration,’

“I said I wouldn’t expect to see much of him. We haven’t. We’re still waiting on that solo press conference, we’re still waiting for the day, apparently by the end of the month.”– concluded McEnany.

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