McConnell’s Conspiring Against Trump… Here’s Why It Won’t Work

As one of the most hated Republicans, Mitch McConnell is really climbing up the ranks.

He’s even giving a run for his money to Mitt Romney.

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Especially after the recent failure of impeachment, where McConnell still stood firm on the guilt of Trump and vowed that he was still not cleared of any wrongdoing.

Of course, Trump shredded McConnell expertly for this hysterical outburst.

Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican senators stay with him, they won’t win again,’ Trump, impotent on social media, said in a statement via his Save America PAC on Tuesday.

In a verbal roundhouse punch, Trump continued, “He will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our country.” I will support primary rivals who support Making America Great Again and our policy of America First, where necessary and appropriate. We want leadership that is brilliant, strong, thoughtful and compassionate.

McConnell has been holding back a response to Trump’s rebuttal for quite a while, but now he has come forward with this pathetic reaction and new “plan” to deal with President Trump, and his plan involves never again uttering his name.

A what?

This is Jr. high school?

If Mitch thinks this is going to save him, he’s probably just as nuts as Hunter.

But McConnell’s “instant reaction” to the attack was laughter, according to a new report.

In response to Trump’s criticisms, CNN chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju reported Wednesday that McConnell not only laughed, but sources close to the minority leader say that he has no plans to acknowledge the message or its author.

“One source told the outlet, “You probably won’t hear him utter the name Donald Trump ever again. “He goes on moving.”

Prior to Trump’s long rebuke, after the Senate’s second acquittal of Trump in a year, McConnell delivered a few public criticisms of the former president.


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