McConnell Is Biting His Nails Off For Condemning President Trump

He’s been petted before – and he’s not familiar with this treatment from President Trump. But, that’s what you get for standing against the greatest President in our history. And after all, a pet doesn’t dare to go any further, they just want you to pet them again!

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During the latest McConnell’s Interview on Fox News, the regret of turning his back against President Trump is obvious. But his despair is silent.

He was asked directly if he feels like he rushed to condemn President Donald Trump after the Capitol Riots, but he dodged the question.

And not only once. TWICE!

“You said you absolutely that you would back President Trump, the former president if indeed he became the nominee of your party,” MacCallum started. “Everyone remembered the very strong statement that you made on the floor with regard to the January 6 riots at the Capitol. You were very strong in your words against the president. At this point, do you have any regrets about the statement you made on the floor? Would you take back any of that today?”

This was Mitch McConnell’s political approach to the obvious question. “Well, look, the actions of the new Democratic administration are unifying the Republican Party. We’ve had some internal back and forth that’s been widely covered. But nothing has unified the Republican Party in both the House and Senate faster than reacting to this new left-wing administration. We’re looking forward. We’re not looking backward. We’re looking forward to dealing with the problems that America has today, not the problems of yesterday. As I said, I have sensed in our conference and in the House Republican conference as well a new sense of unity, pulling together to oppose this left-wing administration.”

But, this curious and persistent reporter didn’t quit.

She dared to make another question, trying to get McConnell to talk about President Trump.

“Shortly after, you said that the president spoke at CPAC, and he named 17 individuals. He spared you in that part of it. He mentioned you in another part. What did you think of that when you heard him at CPAC naming all of those that voted to impeach him and saying basically we need to get rid of these Republicans?”

And once more – you can see that he is in pain, he is suffering, but the mistake has been made, and he doesn’t want to make any more in the near future. At least not regarding powerful Donald Trump.

“Well, I didn’t watch it,” McConnell responded. “I think the important thing now the American people expect from us is to stand up to this left-wing administration that has taken the country in the wrong direction. We’re dealing with the present and the future, not looking back to the past.”

Appears as he really wants to move forward. But away from his mistake. And that is absolutely impossible.

How does he go to bed every single night?


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