McCarthy Discusses Impeachment – But This Time It’s Biden’s!

We are pretty much aware that Biden, at this moment, can get away with ANYTHING! But, times are changing, and different winds are starting to blow on the political fields…

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After President Trump’s two failed attempts of impeachment, it’s about time to discuss the possibility of Biden’s impeachment.

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was asked during an interview with Fox News this week whether the GOP would consider impeaching Joe Biden if the party regains control of the chamber during next year’s midterm elections, but his answer is likely going to disappoint former President Donald Trump’s tens of millions of supporters.

Trump, you recall, was impeached an unprecedented two times during his final year in office, with majority Democrats seen as teeing him up for purely political reasons.

The first impeachment was the result of a phone call Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during which he was accused of engaging in an improper “quid pro quo” — threatening to cut off U.S. military aid to the country if Zelensky didn’t authorize a corruption investigation into Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden.

According to a transcript of the phone call released by the White House, which many politicos never expected, Trump never threatened to withhold aid from Zelensky if the latter refused to investigate the Bidens.

Then in January, House Democrats impeached Trump again for ‘inciting’ the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, despite the fact that Trump told his legions of supporters in Washington to hear him speak that day they should march “peacefully” to the Capitol to impress upon lawmakers to reconsider counting disputed electoral votes.

The Senate acquitted.

But thus far in his term, Biden has ignored federal immigration laws and in fact has made it increasingly easy for our country’s territorial boundaries to be breached.

He has ignored a Supreme Court ruling that said the Executive Branch doesn’t have the authority to issue eviction moratoriums.

And his pull-out from Afghanistan has become an unmitigated disaster, with thousands of Americans trapped behind Taliban forces that have ringed the airport in Kabul.”

Is impeachment even on the table?

This is McCarthy’s statement:

“If Biden takes an illegal action, we would move impeachment,” McCarthy told Fox News. “But we’re not going to move impeachment for political purposes.”

Fox News’ report added:

“McCarthy’s comments on impeachment came in a broader exclusive interview with Fox News on Tuesday, the second and final day of his “Gold Caucus Summit,” a summer retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for high-dollar GOP donors, some top Republican leaders, and former Trump administration officials, and appearances by some of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s most high-profile 2022 candidate recruits.

His comments come as some voices on the far right are calling for the impeachment of the president over the Biden administration’s bungling of the evacuation of Americans and allies from Afghanistan after repressive Taliban forces quickly captured the capital city of Kabul following a long-planned U.S. military withdrawal from the war-torn Central Asian country.”


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